True physician is he/she, who tries to prescribe in a perfect manner by searching, knowing and researching the ways thus become a perfect prescriber. To prescribe we need a well taken care which includes SOIL Symptoms (S-Subjective; O-objective; I-interrogative; L-lab investigative). We have to analyse the case with the available symptoms to decide the class of the disease according to the ‘clinical classification of diseases’ (of Hanneman) on which we can choose the method to prescribe.
            First, we deal with first one third of the prescription. The REMEDY. Our choosing of the remedy depends on the class of the case or basing on the peculiar, characteristic symptoms as you all know, I don’t want to repeat the same, but, other than those we also have some other methods to prescribe which gives more relief to the patient in a quicker period as required in a day to day practice.

i) Seasonal remedies: The seasonal remedies always help to treat the case very quickly, either they cure it completely or they make a path for the indicated remedy.
(ii) Causative Factors : Irrespective of the presenting symptoms if we prescribe basing on the sure causative factors the results will be of miracles in a non-homoeopathic peoples view.
iii) Family history :            Basing on the family history, we prescribe the miasmatic remedy which at least makes the case 50% clear within a short period.
iv) Nosodes : The knowledge of the usage of nosodes is very essential. Many times the nosode itself completes the case with the first prescription only.
(v) Organ remedies : Certain remedies have profound affinity wards the specific organs. These include few Sarcodes too. They help to begin the case with great satisfaction of the patient.

            I suggest to go for a single remedy instead of poly pharmacy as it helps for the ‘Second prescription’ as well as to the further analysis of the case. But what ever the mode of the prescription, you follow ‘the Similia Similibus Curentur’ irrespective of the disease, we land with good results.

            Coming to the second one third of the prescription – POTENCY. Most of the physicians say always start with low potencies then go to the high potencies. Though, we cannot say which potency is low and high as it varies according the case, for our convenience we decide 30 or below 30 – low potencies; 1M or above 1M – High potencies. As per my experience if the remedy is ‘similium’ we can prescribe in a so called high potency, i.e. start with 1M. If the remedy is similar we can start with 200 and according to the progress we change the potency. If there are many structural changes we have to go for low potencies and at times may have to repeat more frequently . In rainy season we get more medicinal aggravation with the required potency too.

            Last but not the least, the third part of the prescription DOSAGE. It is also depends on how the case is presented If the exciting cause is present we have to repeat. If the remedy is a similimum single dose is sufficient to terminate the case. In rainy season we require more repetitions.

            Whatever the method of the prescription, only aim of the physician is to cure the patient. As Homoeopathy, the way for the goal varies according the physician but it should serve in a Homoeopathic way i.e. rapid, gentle and permanent.

                                                                                                                                             Dr. KATTA RENUKA
                                                                                                                        B.H.M.S., F.R.H.S.,M.D., M.L.M.HI(Geneva)
                                                                                                                                         Homoeopathic Physician


                                                     Published in the Souvenir of IIHP  in the year of 1997

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