Blood, oozing from finger nails – Crot.h
        rush of, to finger nails - Op
Brittle finger nails - Alum, Ambr. ant.c, ars, Calc, Diosc, Fl.ac,
        GRAPH, mere, Nit.ac, PSOR, sep, Sil, Squll, Sulph, Thuj
        Toe nails - Cast.eq, Sil, Thuj
        crumbling - ars, sap, Sil, Thuj
Chapped about the finger nails - NAT.M
Claw-like finger nails - are
Constriction under finger nails, cramp like - Flaps
Corrugated nails - ara, fl.ac, sabad, sil, Thuj
        transversely - ara
Cracks on finger nails - ANT.c, ars, Nat. m, Sil
Crippled, fingers nails - alum, Caust, GRAPH, Nit.ac, sabad,
        sep, SIL, sulph, Thuj
        Toe nails - ars, Caust, GRAPH, Nat.a, Nit.ac, sabad,
        sep, SIL, Thuj
Curved finger nails - Nit.ac
        in consumption - med, tub
Discoloration finger nails - ant.c, ars, graph, nit.ac, thuj
        black - Ars, Graph
        blood settles under nails - apis
        blueness - acon, aesc, agar, apis, apoc, Arg.n, arn,
                       Ars, asaf, aur, Cact, Camph, Carb.s, Carb.v, Chel,
                       Chin, chin-a, chin.s, chlf, Cie, Cocc, Colch, con,
                       Cupr, Dig, Dros, eup.pur, Ferr, ferr-ar,
                       ferr.p, gels, gins, Graph, ip, mane, mere, Mez,
                       mur.ac, Nat.m, Nit.ac, NUX.V, op, Ox.ac, Petr,
                       ph.ac, Phos, plb, rhus.t, sang, sars, sep, Sil, Sulp,
                       sumb, tarent, thuj, VERAT, Verat.v
              chill, during- apis, arn, ARS, Asaf, carb.s,
                       carb.c, Chel, chin, Chin.s, Cocc, con, Dros,
                       Eup.pur, ip, kali-an, mez, NAT.M, NUX.V, petr
                       ph.ac, RHUS.T, sulph, thuj, verat
                menses, during – Arg.n, Thuj
        dark - morph, ox.ac
        gray - merc.c, Sil
        livid - ars, colch, op, Ox-ac, sul.ac
        purple - apis, ars, op, samb, sec, stram
        red - ars, crot.c, lith
                 then black - Ars
        White - cupr, nit.ac
                spots - alum, ars, Nit.ac, sep, SIL, sulph
        Yellow - ambr, am,c, aur, bell, bry, canth, carb.v, cham, chin,
                       CON, ferr, ign, lye, Merc, Nit.ac, Nux.v, op, plb,
                       SEP, SIL, spig, sulph
        Toe nails - apis,Ars, camph, dig. Graph, Nit.ac, Ox,ac, Sil
                       blueness - apis
Distorted nails - alum, anan, calc, Fl.ac, GRAPH, merc, sabad,
        sep, SIL, sulph, Thuj
        Toe nails - anan, GRAPH, merc, sep, thuj
Dryness about finger nails - nat,m, Sil
        Toe nails - Sil, Thuj Eruption, about finger nails - eug, merc, sel
Eruption, about finger nails – Sil, Thuj
        crusts - Ars
        desquamation - Chlol
        Ulcers - Ars
        Vesicles - ail, Nat.C
Exfoliation, nails - alum, ant.c, apis, ars, chlor, crotoh, form,
        GRAPH, Hell, Merc, rhus.t, sabin. Sec, sep, sil, squil,
        sulph, thuj, Ust,
Felon, beginning in nail - par, petr, phyt, plb, puls, Rhus-t, sep,
                       SIL, sulph
        at root of nail - caust, graph
        cold application amel - Apis, Fl.ac, Led, NAT.S, PULS
        under nail - alum, caust, coc.c, sulph
        prick with a needle under the nail, from- all.c  bov. Led, sulph
Grow, nails do not - Ant.c
        rapid – fl.ac.
Hang-Nails - Calc, lyc. Merc, NAT.M, Rhus.t, sabad, sep, Sil,
                       stann, SULPH, Thuj
        inflamed - Kali-chl
        painful - sel, stann
Hardness finger nails - ars
Heat fingers nails - hura
Horny growth under nails – Ant.C, graph
Inflammation finger nails - Kall.c.
        around-con, Nat.m, Nat.s, ph, ac
        root of - Hep, stict

In growing toe nails - alum, caust, Colch, GRAPH, Kali.c, Kali.chl,
                            MAG-AUST, Nat.m, Nit.ac, Ph.ac, plb, SIL,
                            sulph, TEUCR, Thuj, tub
        Ulceration, with - Nit.ac, SIL, Teucr.
        Unhealthy granulation, with-Lach, sang
Injuries, finger nails, of - hyper, Led
                lacerations - splinter of glass - Sil
Itching finger nails, around - Hep, merc
Pain nails -  am.m, ant.c, bell, Caust, Graph, Hep, Kali.c,
                Merc, nat.m, Nit.ac, Nux.v, par, petr, puls, ran.b,
                rhus.v, sabad, sep, Sil, Squil, stann, sulph, zinc.
        Finger nails - alum, ant.c, Calc.p, Caust, Colch, Graph
                hep, merc, myric, naja, nat.m, Nit,ac, nux.v, Petr,
                puls, raph, SIL, squll, sulph, teucr,
        Touched, when - caust, petr
        Ulcerative - Calc.p, nat.s, puls
        Around the nails - Lith
        Root of - Calc, calc.p, sang
        Under the nails - ALUM, ant.c, berb, bism, calc.p, caust,
                     Claps, naja, Nat.s, Nit.ac, ran.b, raph, sars,
                     Sil, sulph
                horny growths, from - Ant.c, Graph
                pressure, on - sars
                splinters, as from-bell, carb-v, Fl.ac, hep, NIT.ac,
                         Petr, plat, ran.b, Sil, Sulph
                touched, when-caust
        First nail -barb. Can, Kali.c, puls, ran.b, SIL
        Third nail - nat.m.
        Thumb nail, Ulcerative - am.m, nat.s
Toe nails - Caust, Graph, hura, merc.sul, Teucr
               splinter, as of - ars.h, Coc.c, Nit.ac, Sil, sulph
               Walking, while- camph
               Under - caust, eup.per, hep, merc. Sil, thuj
                         in intermittent fever-eup.per
                 first nail, as if nail would enter flash-Colch,Graph,Kali.c, tevcr.
                        as from inflammation - lyc, Sil
                        from a splinter - agar, Nit.ac
                        if nail would be torn out - thuj
                        Under - Agar, nit.ac, Sil, sulph
                third nail, under, as from splinter-ars.h.
        Aching finger nails, under-Caust
        boring finger nails - colch
        burning nails-alum, ant.c, Calc, caust, GRAPH, hep, merc,
                        nat.m, nux.v, puls, sep, sulph
                finger nails, around - con
                        under-Calc, Caust, elaps, kali.c, merc,nit.ac,Sars
                        Second nail - Kali.c
                        third nail, on inner border of-Osrn
        Drawing thumb nail, under - nat.m
        Gnawing finger nails, under - ALUM
        Shooting finger nails around - lith, merc

                                    under – Caust
                         first toe nail - sulph
                                     night in bed - sulph
        Sore, bruised finger nails - petr
        Stitching finger nails, under-Calc, Caust, Con.graph, nat.m,
                                    nat.s, puls, sll, sulph
                        around - lith, merc,
                        first finger nail-Coc.c. sep, thuj
                        thumb nail, under-am.m, bept, Coc.c, Graph, Thuj
                                     root of - fl.ac
        first toe nail - cog.c, Sil, sulph, Thuj
                under - cohin, caust, Coc.c
        Tearing nails - Colch. Fl.ac, hep, Nit.ac, petr, plat, ran.b,
                Sil, Sulph
        finger nails, under - Bism, Calc.p, fl.ac, Kalic, Kali,n,
                first nail - am.m, colch, can, Kalic, sep
                second nail - ambr, teucr
                thumb nail, under-Carb.v, fl.ac, Kalic, Zinc
                         night, in bed - sulph
                         extending upward-berb
        Toe nails-Camph, carb.v, caust, graph, hep, hura, thuj
                first nail - colch, hep, thuj
Pulsation finger nails, around - Con
                 under-am.m. Graph, sep
                 thumb nail, under – AM.M
Roughness finger nails - Graph, SIL
Sensitive finger nails - berb, Nat.m, nux.v, petr. Sil,squilla, sulph
                 to cold, fingers skin in nails - ant.c
Slow growth of finger nails - Ant.c
Split nails - ANT.C, SIL, Squil, sulph
Spotted nails - alum, ars, Nlt,ac, ph.ac, sep, SIL, sulph, tub
Suppuration finger nails, around-con,ph.ac
                                                of first finger-calc.nat.s
                                                after vaccination - THUJ
                 Toe, under nail of left great toe - Caust
Thick nails - alum, Ant.c, calc, GRAPH, merc, sabad, sep, SIL,
                         sulph, Ust,
        Finger nails - alum, graph, sabad
        Toe nails - Graph, sec
Thin nails - ars, op
Tingling finger nail, under - Cann.s, colch, Nat.s
                 Toe nails, under - elaps
Touch finger nails - Chin.s
Ulcers nails - alum. ant.c, ARS, am, bar.c, bor, bov, calc, caust,con,
                 Crot.h, Fl.ac, GRAPH, Hep, Lach, lyc, Merc, Nit.ac,
                 Puls, ran.b, sang, sec, sep, SIL. squil, SULPH, thuj
        finger nails - alum, bar.c, Bor, caust, con, Hep, iod, Kali.c,
                 lach, lye, Merc, Nat.m, plat, puls, sang, sep,
                 SIL, SULPH, sulac, Thuj
                around - CARB.S, chlol, con. hell, Nat.s, phos,Rhus.t,
                            Sang, SIL, Sulph
                    Under - ARS
                 first nail of - Led, nat.s
                 thumb nail, under - kali.bi
        Toe nails - Caust, graph, hep, Mag.aust, merc, Sep,SlL, SULPH
        Warts finger nails, close to - CAUST, dulc, fl.ac.


GRAPH         -  I grade
Graph            - II grade
graph            -  III grade


                          Published in Hair & Nails issue of NJH in Vol. IV No. 6 November-December 1995


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