I would like to share my sweet experiences with small sugar pills which moved the confidence of patients that Homoeopathy acts slowly.

          A lady, aged 43years c/o pain in small joints spl. that of fingers with hard nodules over and deformed joints. They are so stiff that she can not move the finger. It is not restricted but immovable. She feels as if she is handicapped. These complaints are gradual in origin and of 7 years duration. She is more worse with slightest change in weather, on waking from a sleep.  Left is more involved.  As soon as she entered in to my clinic she is going on talking on each and everything constantly. The only time she is comfortable with the pains is during menses, absolutely pain free. Now she fears as she is passing thro’ menopausal period so as she won’t have even that 5 days relief. She is sensitive to summer. Cold weather makes her little comfortable. She fears that her husband may left her. Some indescribable fear and anxiety for the past 6 months.
          Basing on the present picture I prescribed Lachesis 200 1d and Saclac for 7 days. After a week she came with a miraculous movements of hands (in words of the patient) and shook my hand with happiness. The stiffness has been totally gone even the nodules size and texture also changed positi­vely. I kept on SL, she is improving week by week, yet to follow the case.

          In another case of Gout the patient makes miraculous screaming movements of great toe with pricking pain asso­ciated with dysuria and worse in warm room, by movement. He is getting constantly dreams of mice since the complaint began. KR  1241   (Coloch, Mag.s, Sep)  I gave Colchicum 200 1d  and  he is comfortable within 10 days.

          A male 55 years came complaining of pain in all joints started after radiation for a   tumor in right leg. Pros­tration is the only other associated feature. I gave Rad.brom 200 1d and he felt relieved with the pains as well as prostration.

          When a similimum acts, as our seniors  say, acts in a wink of night and brings   out dramatic cures. So, whether it is Rheumatology or Haematology, concentrate in  finding the similimurn,  we’ll make ourselves satisfied and the patients more comfortable.


       Published in RHEUMATOLOGY issue of NJH in Vol.VI No.4 September-October 1997
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